Kevin Hooker

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I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your staff and cuisine. My father recently had open heart surgery and I wanted to take him on a little vacation to spend some quality time with him. My parents have been frequenting Yakima for the last 20 years. I've been in the restaurant business ever since I was old enough to be able to put an apron on. My parents have owned and managed restaurants for 45 years and I've been in the business for over 25 years. I really wanted to treat them to a unique dining experience, so I began researching restaurants in Yakima. After an hour of research I decided to give your restaurant a try. From the moment we walked through the front door I was extremely impressed. The hostess asked if she could hang up my coat(a service I've been trying to teach my hostess's for a number of years, with no avail). Then after we were seated she took the time to pull out chairs for us and make sure my elderly father was comfortable. (Very nice) We brought a bottle of wine from my Mom's favorite winery (Portius) She immediately opened it to let it breath and brought my dad a fresh cup of coffee, (WOW!! She brewed Him a fresh pot!!!) She was very attentive throughout the entire dining experience, refilling our wine and coffee a numerous amount of times...she also had an extensive knowledge of all menu items and was very prompt, courteous, and friendly throughput out meal, smiling often. She was a great cook with our table side salad and cherries jubilee dessert!! Excellent flavor profiles, the spinach was warm, not wilted the cognac and sugar complimented the salty bacon perfectly. My mom's scallops were seared perfectly, still moist inside.(very hard to do, I know I've tried at home and failed miserably)My Duck breast and risotto was perfect. And finally my father's French onion soup was superb. The bread was hot, the butter was room temperature.

I don't usually take the time to email such a wordy review, however my family is very critical and my mom can be damn rite impossible to impress at a fine dining establishment. Considering she owned and managed them for years. I really wanted to knock their socks off, considering I live in Los Angeles and only visit once or twice a year, and my father's been eating hospital food for 2 months, so I really wanted to give him a great meal.

Oh and the chef came to our table to chat with us, which was very unique and a great time for my dad, considering he was a chef for a number of years.
Great Job all around, your staff is a wonderful asset!! In wish my staff was half as talented.

Thank you very much for an experience I'll never forget.

An absolutely delightful experience. The hostess was engaging, informative, charming. The chef has a rare gift of being able to pair flavors and aromas to make the mouth water upon presentation. It's an unexpected find in central Washington state - or anywhere outside a major metropolitan arena. Kudos to the staff and owners of this gem.

Kent A.

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Every course was amazing- appetizers, salad, entree, dessert, and wine. Wonderful service, very genuine and welcoming. Those ladies do it all! Loved the atmosphere. All around it was a divine dining experience.

Camille D.

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Excellent food, great local wines, fantastic service.

Andres S.

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They stayed late just for us, food was great! Service was perfect, ill be back!

William T.

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